Application Toolbar (Chart, Quote, News Toolbar)

The application toolbar includes buttons to open specific applications and a More button to access hidden buttons. Use the Toolbar Manager to select the buttons to display.

Click a button to open an application or list of applications. For example, click DOMTrd to open the DOMTrader, but click Trade to open a list of all trading applications.

To open another window of the same type, right-click the button and click Add [window].

Function keys can also be used to access application toolbar buttons:

      The F5, F6, F7, and F8 keys activate the first through fourth buttons (from left to right), respectively, on the application toolbar.

      SHIFT + F5, SHIFT + F6, SHIFT + F7, and SHIFT + F8 activate the fifth through eighth application toolbar buttons.

      CTRL + F5, CTRL + F6, CTRL + F7, and CTRL + F8 activate the next four application toolbar buttons.

More button

Click the More button to display the buttons that you have not included in the toolbar display.

Welcome button

Click this button to open the welcome window that provides resources for using the software.