Algo Server APIs

CQG Algo Server is a high-performance algorithmic order execution engine operating as a standalone server. Along with providing access to variety of CQG Algorithmic orders via existing CQG Frontends, it also exposes two types of APIs for direct access:

  1. Custom Algo SDK enables users to create new order types ("Algos"). In this case, users implement the new functionality in C++, producing a shared library that is loaded at run-time by our Algo Server.
  2. CQG Algo API is a high-level command and control API that can be used to build scripts or integrate CQG Algo Server into your existing ecosystem.

Custom Algo SDK

Leverage the ultra-low latency CQG Algo Server C++ SDK to develop and run your custom Algo.

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Algo API

Integrate CQG Algos with your existing ecosystem using CQG Algo API.

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