Calendar of Events

Calendar of Events is a live calendar of global economic and political events. An event is a potentially market moving announcement scheduled to come out at a particular date and time, such as:

      economic indicator announcements

      US Treasury announcements

      energy indicators

      political events, such as elections

Upon their release, events are published at sub-second speed.

Events are organized by row. The top row displays the most recent event.

Events that have been identified by Dow Jones as being market-moving are displayed in bold font.

Events with multiple details, such as multiple inputs and outputs (MoM and YoY), are shown on multiple rows, one for each detail.

If you want to see only major indicators, or if you want to see events for a particular region or group, use filters to modify the display.

You can highlight particular events and receive notifications of events. Set event notifications in preferences.

You can also navigate the list of events to look at previous releases and releases scheduled for the coming months.

The first column displays the date and time of the event, and the second column contains the name/description of the event. The other columns contain data values, which are updated at a maximum one-minute refresh rate. Customize columns in preferences.


To open the calendar, click the Calendar button on the application toolbar. If the button is not displayed, click the More button, and then click Calendar of Events. To add the button to the toolbar, use Toolbar Manager.

Filtering by region or group

Click the globe button in the upper-right corner of the window to open the region and groups filters. If this filter is on, the button background is orange.

A region is a geographic region. Groups include groups of, such as Group of Eight (G8), currency groups (majors, minors, and exotics), and US Economic Events.


To help you achieve the desired level of granularity in the event display, each of the region and group filters has an associated subset of filters.

Select the check box to include a region or group in the display. The filled check boxes indicate that your selection is part of those regions/groups also.

Click the Reset button to clear all filters.

Filtering by major indicators

Click the check button to filter by major indicators. If this filter is on, then the button has an orange background.

Major indicators are also called key events, and they are determined by Dow Jones.


When this filter is not applied, key events are in bold font.


To go to a particular date, click the calendar button and select a date.


To move between dates, use the three buttons at the bottom of the Calendar.

      Click the up arrow button to page up.

      Click the down arrow button to page down.

      Click the right arrow button to move to the current time.